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Jonathan Sperry Project

In 2011, God placed on my heart the vision to place the gospel in every home in communities all across our province and nation through “The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry” DVD. I did some research and found out that for just $3.00 per household including postage we can cover the cost of one of these DVDs along with a Gospel of John and its questionnaire. Through Canada Post, delivery can be targeted to individual communities one at a time, as the sponsors for each community come in and in the larger cities it can be broken down to even just one letter carrier!
Through the “Jonathan Sperry Sponsor a Town Project” families, businesses, and churches are able to sponsor communities so that every household (including houses, apartments, and farms) will receive a copy of the Jonathan Sperry movie along with a Gospel of John which will include a questionnaire that can be mailed in with a request to be enrolled in the David and Jonathan program to continue to learn about God. In the front of the Gospel of John is a clear presentation of the gospel, giving the reader an opportunity to accept Jesus Christ as his or her own personal Saviour.
Sponsoring churches are able to provide us with an insert to be included in the packet being delivered in their community, thanking people for the opportunity to serve them in the community as well as inviting families to the different ministries in their churches. To learn more about this exciting opportunity go to: