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5-Day Clubs

What is a 5-Day Club?

For five consecutive days, one hour each day, children gather to hear Bible stories, sing songs, learn Bible verses, and listen to a missionary story as the Gospel is clearly presented.

Another exciting part of the club is the contest! The children receive prizes for attendance, bringing friends, memorizing verses, and completing Mailbox Club lessons.

Who Teaches the 5-Day Clubs?

Many of the clubs are taught by high school and college-age youth which are referred to as Christian Youth in Action (C.Y.I.A.). The young people come from various local churches and receive two weeks of intensive training before they begin teaching clubs all summer. These young people are supported by CEF and friends and family who become part of their ministry to the children through prayers and financial support.

Who Can Be a Host Family?

A host family is a respected, friendly family concerned about the spiritual welfare of the children in their neighbourhood. They are willing to be used of God to win children to Christ.

What Do Host Families Do?

Open their backyard, recreation room or porch for the club. Help invite boys and girls to their club, showing the children where the club will be held. (Posters and invitations will be mailed to you.)
May be asked to help write down the children’s names, addresses and other information.
May provide a simple snack for the children.
You are encouraged to sit in on the club with the children to help with discipline problems if they arise and to fulfill our Child Protection Policy.
Encourage the children to come each day and bring their friends to club.
As part of our 5-Day Club contest each family that has 10 children enrolled in their week of club will receive a ‘Wordless Book’ frisbee for their family or church.

Benefits of Hosting a 5-Day Club!

Helps build relationships with neighbours.
Joy in seeing children receive the Lord Jesus as their personal Saviour
Opportunity to invite unchurched children to attend church with you
Builds friendships with neighbourhood children.
Opens doors to share about Jesus with your neighbours.